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My brother Cla' with whom I tried and kidnapped his first camera. Cla' is my first photography teacher, with whom I learned the basics, such as the numerical aperture, the ISO, the speed, and the use of focus points. Without Claudio, I would never have had my first camera at my 30th birthday. 

Bisrat, who was with me the first time we talked about my future website. For his suggestions, comments and motivation. We started with different names of the website, then I ended up with osvaphotography.

if I could I would hug him, now, immediately, for my Logo and the Watermark on my photographs. The designer is Martin and I will always owe him a drink for that fantastic work he made for me.  My friends called me Osva, and he calls me Osva. He created the logo and watermark, without I told him what I wished.

Roberto Fiorelli, my dear friend. I still remember that he approached me once while I was on a balcony at our working place, and then he showed me the differences in shooting clouds with different settings in photography. Grazie Cuuuuuuumpa. He also calls me Osva by the way :) 

Thanks to his comments and suggestions for my first exhibition. John Harper helped me so much, in telling me one thing, after I asked him for his opinion on the theme of my first exhibition. He just told me: "Osva just stay yourself, show who you are, a mixture of black and white and wonderful and unique colourful thoughts you are able to emit. Just do it." 

Besh, godfather of my son Adam, and the trigger of my first exhibition in 2016, to which he contributed to the success of it. Thanks Besh ! 

The one who motivated me since the beginning. Since one of the first time I uploaded photographs on a specific social media, since the day he let his first comment, telling me that I should write books and suggesting me some links to do so, since the other comments I received, always triggering my attention, and making me smile because of his sincerity and motivation. Kevin is the one to whom I will always think as soon as I do something about photography. Without his motivation and kindness, I would never have had the strength and the self-confidence to make my dream come true; writing books for my images. 


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