New Zealand_Far far away_DEC 2019

Valencia_A pleasant sunday

Roma_Family stories


Roma_A part of me

on the line _ vienna 2019

Steps steps steps for life_Vienna_2019

Geometry and Structure_Serie 3

hanged on the riskwall

Darkness_Vienna 2019


Berlin_in depth October 2019

Berlin_In depth_je me revois


Berlin at Sunset

Berlin_Bent over


through shadoey thoughts


Apparences pas de sens

kids and water_series 1

Lonely patterns_Series_2

Lonely patterns_Series_1

Lonely patterns_Series_3

Lonely Patterns_Series_4

Lonely Patterns_Series_5

Lonely patterns_Series_6







The Eyes_Series_2

The eyes_Series_8



Arranging his hat homeless Amsterdam cop

Amsterdam school court abandoned basketb

Urban geometry Amsterdam Business

crowded amsterdam high quality

reversed reflection water house amsterda

Street amsterdam business man and woman.

Facial expression amsterdam advertisemen

Observing thread Amsterdam

Amsterdam airport automatic stairs peopl


caserta avezzano stairs

Lisbon elevator old elderly walking

Life geneva statue street







Rome day 2_Earlier this night_Gilets Jau

Roma_I needed to take it

Rome Day 2_Waiting you, following you

You and Me In Corsica_Playing hide and s

You and Me In corsica.... Be store

You and Me In Corsica_lovely landshape B

You and Me In Corsica_the course of life

You and Me In Corsica_the light on her

You and Me In Corsica_By night the only

You and Me In Corsica_contrasting emotio

Roma_Heartful bishadowy silhouettes

Looking at the infinite-roma

Reading in peace-roma

Who Am I _

On a bridge made of wood_winterthur

A snowy and rich day_final

lausanne _experience protects arrow

A man, A thinker and a bird_Lausanne gar

Sit alone in the mainstation lausanne

My Switzerland My Half je me suis dit un

Ecris moi encore stp

Snowing softly walking smoothly

Perplexe perspective copy


We are being copy

London_I am observing there

At her shoes, with her shoes and we

raconte moi qui tu es

London_Not alone anymore_Love you

The sun is just starting to be at the op

SF_Cheese look there don't move oh I am

SF_Walking shadows copy

SF_I know that you are with me bnw

Business Trip_SF_The cleaner, the homele

SF_Crossing path

Bikes and lines SF

Business Trip_Waiting for the next speec

San Francisco_We are watching you

Triangle of real life San Francisco

Paris_A special Weekend_I have been talk

A special weekend_Alone walking head loo

SF_Invisible homeless

Ne pas suivre son chemin_Paris

SF_Insible homeless

SF_Crossing path

elderly lugano hidden


Man Zurich HB 2016

Kiss on the street oerlikon 2016august

Kid alone black and white basel train

A special Weekend_No person no souls, on

A special Weekend_Tree floors, distinct

A special Weekend_Watching us

A special Weekend_Lonely walker and smil

A special Weekend_Contrasted

A special Weekend_Thinker at the edge of

A special Weekend_shhhhhh I am observing

A special Weekend_Contrasted ages

You world

A special Weekend_Family transport growt

where a new life begins_Going south but

Where a new life begins_Do not forget yo

Business Trips_Chicago_Suspended thought

Business Trips_Chicago_Wondering how cop

Business Trip_Chicago_paradoxal mood

Business Trip_Multiple reflections_two e

Switzerland_My Other Half_Hidden behind

Switzerland_My Other Half_Riding sit

Switzerland_my Other Half_Reading from l

Switzerland_My Other Hald_Broken glasses

Italy_My Half_Observing the observer wai



WDILTBT_Not sleeping just dreaming


WDILTBT_Unique contrast of life

Switzerland_my Other Half_We are both lo

Switzerland_my other Half_Obsering him t

Roma_My Half_Waiting for you

London a Business Trip_Improbable geomet

Wien_A business trip_All is Illusion


Switzerland_My other Half_Suspicious gla

For your farewell copy copy

24 sep 2016 another mendian

Roma_My Half_Frozen moving reflections

Dear Diary Suite _ 20Jan2017

Dear Diary (suite)_4rd of January 2017

WDILNY_Day 3_Trashes

WDILNY_Day 4_Barber shop West

WDILNY_The last day_Aurevoir

WDILNY_Day 4_Going down one way bis

WDILNY_Day 4_inside copy copy

WDILNY_Day 3_Inside Histories copy 2

WDILNY_Day 4_lost in 1st AV copy

WDILNY_Day2_soon home

Thalwil lift 2016 people street station

i don't know why but I need to write_E w

I don't know why but I need to write_A

I don't know why but I need to write_N f

I don't know why but I need to write_D w

I don't know why but I need to write_B w

Irina Beauty Montreux sun and view 2016

WDILNY_Day 1_What would you think_

WDILNY_Day 1_soon to the underground

WDILNY_day1_MoMA 2 copy copy

WDILNY_Day 1_MoMA copy

WDILNY multiple reflections later copy

WDILNY_day1_Walking straight, working lo

WDILNY_Day1_Smoker copy

5. GDTD with watermark

6. GDTD with watermark

1. GDTD with watermark



28. I love 2015 with watermark

27. The he us 2015 with watermark


20. Flying thoughts..


14. Dirty Beauty with watermark



The last day of this Black and White Cha


Loneliness in Bern train station late 20