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Dear Diary

Dear Diary speaks about a time where I have been under mobbing, where I suffered deeply, because I switched progressively from unconscious happiness to a conscious decrease into the dark and deep side of my sleep, which is surrounded by sadness, due to lack of confidence and lack of sleep. Worries, but mostly questions. I was in search of myself somewhere else. Slowly, analysing my movements, my smiles, my eyes and my heart through different screens I had met. 


When I started to write my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, I discovered it helped me. I was projected to somewhere between reality and fantasy, like a mirror reflection. Another method than brainstorming, or simply another type of brainstorming. 

This book illustrates more than 3 years of my life, from April 2012 to February 2016. 

Click on the link below for a preview of the book:

Gold and Diamonds, Trash and Demons

Gold and Diamonds, Trash and Demons shows the strong emotional input that some cities and places of Thailand triggered in me. It was a trip that has been organised by my parents, who live in Switzerland, Lausanne, for their 35th wedding anniversary.

The cultural shock has been strong. An emotional tsunami. Mostly questions and feelings of distinct type of unfairness. Compared to where I live. Compared to what I am used to complain. Questions, and descriptions, through images and expressions. It is also a diary, which lasted 7 days, in July 2016, but which will be always read and re-read again. To not forget where I come from.  

Click on the link below for a preview of the book:

sincerely yours

Osva or osvaphotography or Osvaldo Mirante

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