Vice versa_Valencia

Valencia_A pleasant sunday


Geometrical depth_Valencia

Darkness_Vienna 2019

Between earth and sky

Allons au travail_SOHC 2019

Mysterious observer_Vienna 2019

Geometry and Structure_Serie 3

hanged on the sunwall

hanged on the riskwall

Nice_promenade des anglais_2019

on the line _ vienna 2019

steps steps steps of LIFE_Vienna 2019

Steps steps steps for life_Vienna_2019

London A business Trip_smoking lines

London eyes

Business Trip_Go left and watch

London A Business Trip_Dancing singing happy alone

London a Business Trip_Alone thinking

London a Business Trip_Improbable geometry

London A Business Trip_Biphasic

London A business Trip_Bidirectionality

London a Business Trip_123_40

Business Trips_Vienna flowers

WIEN_A Business Trip_What_

Wien_A business Trip_The shadowy hand helping us

Wien_A business Trip_riding my thoughts

Wien_A business trip_Probable glance

Wien_A business trip_All is Illusion

Wien_A Business Trip_Illusionally encaged


Business Trip_Chicago_bigger

Business Trip_Chicago_walking to work

Business Trips_Chicago_Looking from bottom up

Business Trips_Chicago_Watching train passing

Business Trips_Chicago_First impression

Business Trips_Chicago_Suspended thoughts

Business Trip_Chicago_walking steps

Business Trip_Chicago_Thinking loud

Business Trip_Chicago_paradoxal mood

Business Trips_Chicago_The bean

Business Trips_Chicago_It is driving inside me

Business Trips_Chicago_Superposition

Business Trips_Chicago_Wondering how