New Zealand_Mural sandwiched man_DEC 201

New Zealand_there and only there__DEC 20

New Zealand_Walking running _Dec 2019

New Zealand_Une maison pas comme les aut

New Zealand_Waiting the transfer

New Zealand_First after stepping out

New Zealand_finally we saw the train

Vice versa_Valencia

When my thoughts were driving

Under-upper grounded

Trainstations_Chicago without people


steps steps steps of LIFE_Vienna 2019

The Eyes_series_9


hanged on the sunwall

Mysterious observer_Vienna 2019



Berlin_In depth_ce que je ressens

Berlin_photographer we aer

Berlin_Run run run

Berlin_dreamy thoughts


Kids and Water_Series_5

Kids and Water_Series_2

KIds and Water_Series_3

Kids and Water_Series_4

lonely patterns_7

lonely patterns_Series_8










The unknown_Series_1

The eyes_Series_6

The eyes_Series_4

The eyes_Series_5

The Unknown_Series_5

The unknown_Series_3

confusion reflexion amsterdam high quali

bike road

walking beside a pigeon sienna

Old house leaves Oberglatt




Burning clouds in cheseaux

street st remignagno

Amsterdam, urban geometry people shadow

Vilvoorde Belgium trainstaion

stripes people street london


london bridge traffic (1)

Who knows _ Winterthur 2016

Humanoid in Venezia copy










Paris by night_high quality less then 25

Rome_Day 2_Silhouettes and shadows vs li

Rome Day 2_before midday

Rome day 2_by night shadows invaded by l

Rome Day 2_Before Midday_without people.

You and Me in Corsica_Behind the curtain

Shadows vs silhouettes_Rome Day 1 by nig

You and Me In Corsica_Looking through th

You and Me In Corsica_Walking on dead he

You and Me In Corsica_When I was a kid

You and Me in Corsica_elderly walkers be

You and Me in Corsica_Witness copy

You and Me In Corsica_Hidden transposed.

You and Me In Corsica_Through

You and Me In Corsica_Motocrossing soon.

Rome_2 by 2

multiple reflections of one self thought

Winterthur_Passing by straight arrow

Semi reflections

Stairs and silhouette Embrach

Thank you Kujaja_london

London A business Trip_smoking lines

London_Transparent automatisation

London_Don t look at me please

London_Walking through

London_Where knowledge meets shadows

SF_I am watching you

Worker on the Golden Gate Bridge

I just want to be at his place_SF

The beauty of San Francisco

SF Business Trip_Whats up_

SF reflection and shadows

The contrasted life

You and Me In Corsica_Two surfaces asyme

You and Me In Corsica_Man walking me obs

SF Portrait bread industry Fisherland

Triangle of real life San Francisco

Looking outside anxiously

Inside the bus in SF

San Francisco_We are watching you

We love to dress you langstrasse 2016

Train perspective rumlang

Trainstation Lausanne copy copy

Irina in darkness-Recovered

Winterthur night street

Street geneva 2016

Own reflection Winterthur

run for life hb zurich irina s photo

Lausanne le flon building windows

A special Weekend_Seated alone reading w

A special Weekend_Generations and light.

Where a new life begins_The real differe

Where a new life begins_Waiting and obse

Where a new life begins_The hippies area

Where a new life begins_Last hours in Ch

Where a new life begins_A new sight of t

Where a new life begins_First steps

Where a new life begins_On the bridge at

Where a new life begins_Framed by myster

Where a new life begins_The first real i

Where a new life begins_Did not want to

Where a new life begins_The view

Where a new life begins_Gathering strawb

Where a new life begins_Another side of

Where a new life begins_And we were unco

Where a new life begins_Going to be free

Where a new life begins_drizzling happin

Where a new life begins_While they drive

Where a new life begins_Naked in front o

Where a new life begins_First impression

Where a new life begins_When Money is gi

Business Trips_Chicago_Superposition

Business Trips_Chicago_Looking from bott

Business Trip_Chicago_Thinking loud

Business Trips_Chicago_Watching train pa

Business Trip_Chicago_walking to work

Business Trips_Chicago_It is driving ins

Business Trips_Chicago_First impression

Switzerland_My Other Half_Hidden behind


Switzerland_My Other Half_Pushing trash.

Switzerland_My Other Half_Trinkgeld and

Switzerland_My Other Half_A basler compe

Italy My Half_Walking to the light upsta

Switzerland_My Other Half_Suspicious

WDILTBT_Driving life

WDILTBT_Separated by strawberries

WDILTBT_She is looking at .. what_

WDILTBT_Long road big pleasure

WDILTBT_Help help

WDILTBT_Another point of view

Why did I love to be there_TIme is passi


WDILTBT_Trash life


WDILTBT_Because anywhere I think of you.

WDILTBT_Destruction and fakerebirth

London A business trip_Same day half arm

Roma_My half_Perspective smiles

Roma_My half_ROMA

Roma_My Half_Undergrounded steps in need

Switzerland_My Other Half_Where all begi

Roma_My Half_Together forever

Roma_My Half_Looking at the same directi

Business Trips_Vienna flowers

WIEN_A Business Trip_What_

Business Trip_Go left and watch

Wien_A business Trip_riding my thoughts.

Wien_A business trip_Probable glance

London a Business Trip_123_40

London A business trip

London A Business Trip_Dancing singing h

London a Business Trip_Alone thinking

London A Business Trip_Biphasic

Roma_My Half_Ingresso

Roma_My Half_Do not kiss me look at me

Roma_My Half_don't want just wait a minu

Roma_My half_patterns

Roma_My Half_The colors of Roma

Dear Diary Suite_24Sep2016

Dear Diary (Suite)_24Sep2016_alone and w

Dear Diary (Suite)_24Sep2016_Selfie

Dear Diary (Suite)_24Sep2016

Dear Diary to work on 2

Dear Diary (Suite)_24sep2016_mendiante

Dear Diary to work on 4

Dear Diary (Suite) 23SEP2016_final

24sep2016_hidden and resting

Roma_Praying what_

Roma_A natural museum

Roma_The shadows

WDILNY_Day 6_Love is the only way

WDILNY_Day 6_looking at passing by

WDILNY_Day 4_Cinematographic school bus.

WDILNY_Day 3_Antibiopposite

WDILNY_Day 4_Blue

WDILNY_Day 6_Walkers into darkness

Dear Diary (Suite)_Rd of January

Dear Diary (Suite)_Rd of January_1.4.1

Dear Diary (Suite)_Rd of January_1.4.3

Je ne peux pas m'expliquer

WDILNY_Day 4_shields of game

WDILNY_Day 4_Interrupted

WDILNY_Day 4_hide and seek lower quality

WDILNY_Day 4_walking to be lost

WDILNY_Day 4_Building up hope

WDILNY_Day 4_Handsome made simple

WDILNY_Day 3_smoky vision 2

WDILNY_Day 3_smoking alone but surrounde

WDILNY_Day 2_Another red vision

WDILNY_Day 3_The reflections of souls

WDILNY_Day 3_A rich but Madison Avenue4

WDILNY_Day 3_Back and forth

WDILNY_Day 4_One Way No WAY

WDILNY_Day 5_The eye

WDILNY_Day 5_On the way

WDILNY_Day 5_Visiting art

WDILNY_Day 4_Why_

WDILNY_Day 4_I wished to have been there

WDILNY_Day 4_Head

WDILNY_Day 4_Yellow

WDILNY_Day 3_looking hidden

WDILNY_Day 4_going to sit

WDILNY_Day 4_Interstice

WDILNY_Day 3_Local Time-03h08am

WDILNY_Day 3_Driving to Brooklyn

WDILNY_Day 3_The bridge is crowded

WDILNY_Day 4_The bridge Final real final

WDILNY_Day 4_At the border of liberty co

WDILNY_Day 3_Looking at both sides

WDILNY_Day 3_A bit later

WDILNY_Day 4_Resting observing and think

WDILNY_Day 3_still there alone

WDILNY_Day 3_Chinatown

WDILNY_Day 2_Chinatown

WDILNY_Day3_at the mainstation

WDILNY_Day 2_Late afternoon

WDILNY_Day 2_he was cool copy

WDILNY_Day 3_9

WDILNY_Day 2_white hihi

WDILNY_Day 3_ At the mainstation_suite

WDILNY_Day 2_Lovewall

WDILNY_Day 3_10 minutes later

WDILNY_Day 3_Inside the market copy copy

WDILNY_Day 3_a future market copy

WDILNY_Day 3_Around Little Italy copy

WDILNY_Day 3_Our hypothesis on TIME

WDILNY_Day 3_working under control

WDILNY_Day 3_unforgettable

WDILNY_Day 2_Start of art

WDILNY_Day 2_Walking by night_Brooklyn c

WDILNY_Day 2_Again there but so differen

WDILNY_Day 2_Evolve

WDILNY_Day 2_Looking at Brooklin

WDILNY_Day 2_Observing Brookling

WDILNY_Day 2_Passing by brooklin

I don't know why but I need to write_K w

I don't know why but I need to write_C

I don't know why but I need to write_T w

I don't know why but I need to write_O w

I don't know why but I need to write_P w

I don't know why but I need to write_V w

I don't know why but I need to write_Q w

I don't know why but I need to write_Z w

I don't know why but I need to write_W w

I don't know why but I need to write_Alp

wdilny_end of day1 copy

WDILNY_Day 1_Walking to the underground,

WDILNY_Day 1_Still walking

WDILNY_Day 1_MoMA end

WDILNY_Standing alone watching museum


WDILNY_Day 1_Smocky ground

WDILNY_Day 1_bent to the altitude

WDILNY_Day 1_Dancing copy

WDILNY_Day 1_Walker alone copy

WDILNY_Day1_high impression

WDILNY_Day 1_Crowdy beauty 2

WDILNY_Still unique

I don't know why but I need to write_G

WDILNY_Unique copy try 2 with watermark.

WDILNY_Day 1_Reflection with watermark

WDILNY_the new world begins with waterma

WDILNY_Day 1_a bit later

Why Did I love New York__First Day First

36 GDTD with watermark

35 GDTD with watermark

34 GDTD with watermark

30 GDTD with watermark

21. GDTD with watermark

27b GDTD with watermark

20. GDTD with watermark

19. GDTD with watermark

18. GDTD with watermark

10. GDTD copy with watermark

8. GDTD with watermark

7. GDTD with watermark

3. GDTD with watermark

2. GDTD with watermark


33. Reality and fantasy with watermark

21. A specific emotion with watermark




10. Whats'app 2014 with watermark


13. Invisible 2014 with watermark

Hypocrisy 2016

Alone and despaired Irina love and smile

Water drops fountain