It opened my mind

Roma_smiling away

Roma_A part of me


Roma_Family stories

walking beside a pigeon sienna

caserta avezzano stairs



street st remignagno

glass window roma

train bridge venezia

Humanoid in Venezia copy

Rome Day 3_forbidden but accessible fiel

Roman depth Rome Day 3

Rome_Day 2_Silhouettes and shadows vs li

Rome Day 2_before midday

our genes with street photography ROme D

Rome day 2_by night shadows invaded by l

Rome Day 2_Before Midday_without people.

Rome day 2_Earlier this night_Gilets Jau

Shadows vs silhouettes_Rome Day 1 by nig

Rome Day 2_Waiting you, following you

Roma_I needed to take it

Reading in peace-roma

Nonno Osvaldo Ti Amo

Looking at the infinite-roma

Rome_2 by 2

Roma_Heartful bishadowy silhouettes

Waiting with no limit of time-rome

Roma_My half_ROMA

Roma_My Half_Dark grips

Retrospective nature

Rising up tired

Observing alone

Roma_My Half_Undergrounded steps in need of coffee

Almost real

Frozen moving reflections

The shadows

Multiple selfies

waiting as always

Hidden and Resting

Dreamed history




If I would wake after my dream

Roma_My Half_Waiting for you

Italy_My Half_Observing the observer waiting

Roma_My Half_The colors of Roma

Roma_My half_Perspective smiles

Roma_My half_patterns

Roma_My half_My flying eyes

Roma_My Half_in motion

Roma_My Half_Looking at the same direction me and you

Roma_My Half_Together forever

Roma_My Half_Ingresso

Roma_My Half_Do not kiss me look at me

Roma_My Half_don't want just wait a minute

Roma_My Half_illuminated hand

Italy_my Half_Standing waiting

Italy My Half_Walking to the light upstairs