New Zealand_what a wonderful thought

Berlin_dreamy thoughts

Kids and Water_Series_5

The eyes _ Series_1


Life geneva statue street

Fear and Anxiety

Double meaning

Mamma, Papa e Adam nella pancia

Irina and Adam 1

irina and adam 2

Rome day 2_Earlier this night_Gilets Jau

You and Me In Corsica_Her eyes my heart.

Looking at ART

London eyes

A special weekend_Alone walking head loo

SF Portrait bread industry Fisherland

Irina hidden street 2016

A special Weekend_Watching us

Not a dream but reality

Where a new life begins_Ghosty shape


Where a new life begins_Looking at each

Where a new life begins_The hippies area

Where a new life begins_Do not forget yo


WDILTBT_Glancing wondering thinking beau

Portrait Irina_black and white

Free as freedom_On the bridge of love co

Roma_My half_Perspective smiles

Switzerland_My other Half_Suspicious gla

January 2017_Fotomuseum Winterthur_Irina

Irina laughing going to the fotomuseum w

January 2017_Fotomuseum Oberwinterthur c

January 2017_Going to the fotomuseum win

January 2017 Irina fotomuseum copy

WDILNY_Day 4_walking to be lost

WDILNY_Day 1_Time Zero_After the beginni

WDILNY_Day 5_He was smiling at me

WDILNY_Day 4_At the border of liberty co

WDILNY_Day 2_he was cool copy

WDILNY_Day 2_Glances

WDILNY_Day 2_Meeting eyes

WDILNY_Day 2_Model

WDILNY_Day 2_Going to Brooklin copy

I don't know why but I need to write_R w

I don't know why but I need to write_K w

I don't know why but I need to write_Q w

WDILNY_Day 1_A mother and her child copy

WDILNY_Day 1_Measuring

WDILNY_Day 1_Dancing copy


WDILNY_Day 1_MoMA copy

WDILNY_Day 1_Real smiles copy

WDILNY_Day 1_Smile copy

WDILNY_Still Day 1_Hypnotized I was

WDILNY_Still unique

I don't know why but I need to write_F

37 GDTD with watermark

24. GDTD with watermark

31 GDTD with watermark

30 GDTD with watermark

15. GDTD with watermark

11. GDTD with watermark

6. GDTD with watermark

1. GDTD with watermark

17. Waiting with watermark

book page khopipi native 1 with watermar

book page 18 with watermark

Book photo 11_Gold and Diamonds, Trash a

Book page 14 Gold and diamonds trash and

Book photo 10_Gold and Diamonds, Trash a