My Switzerland_my other half_submersions

My Switzerland_my other half_la terre es

My Switzerland_My Other half_by far so c

Luzern_My switzerland my other half_My t

My Switzerland_my half_Covid19_walking a

My Switzerland_my other half_behind your

My switzerland_my other half_considering

My Switzerland_My other half_guess where

My Switzerland_my other half_eheh what d

My Switzerland_My Other Half_For you Ada

My Switzerland_my other half_Covid19 is

My Switzerland_my other half_depth doorl

My Switzerland_My other half_each of us

My Switzerland_My other half_half vs hal

My Switzerland_My other Half_hidden emot

My Switzerland_My other half_Half dog ha

My Switzerland_My other Half_hidden emot

My Switzerland_My other half_inside out.


My Switzerland_my other half_Only you we

My Switzerland_my other half_Studio Para

My Switzerland_My other Half_one family

My Switzerland_my Other half_masqued bli

My Switzerland_My Other half_human again

My Switzerland_My other half_it happens

My Switzerland_my other half_only you we

My Switzerland_My other half_Things are

My Switzerland_my other half_train mask

My Switzerland_my other half_venus bar

My Switzerland_My other half_with or wit

My Switzerland_my other half_waiting for

My Switzerland_My other half_Je t'aime L

My Switzerland_July 2018_turning rain in


My Switzerland_Langstreet_When it is sta

Switzerland_Pâle là haut_July 2018

My Switzerland_My other half_Once someon

My Switzerland My other half_hidden gree

When my thoughts were driving

head down up


Under-upper grounded


Between earth and sky

Allons au travail_SOHC 2019

The unapproved dance of the shadow copy.

black birds death leaves


Two chairs





Romanel sur Lausanne, All alone, Black a

Pleasure of the morning copy

Old house leaves Oberglatt

Night in Greifensee


Life geneva statue street

Illusion day 7


I am sure


heart leaf snow

Goal in oberglatt zentrum

Fear and Anxiety

bivalent leaf


clouds wonderful

Burning clouds in cheseaux

birds flying paris

Stairs down

Water drops fountain

elderly lugano hidden


Sad crow Irchel

Reflection of life

Misterious tree reflection

Law library

Mainway Glattzentrum

law library 2

Empty bird cage

Flying at sunset

Where am I going

imaging birds





Minimalist Grindenwald wintershot inside

run for life hb zurich irina s photo

up to the commune






Who knows?

Photographic retrospection

Double meaning

My Switzerland_My other half_Kiss fake reflection

Who Am I _

multiple reflections of one self thoughts

On a bridge made of wood_winterthur

A snowy and rich day_final


lausanne _experience protects arrow

A man, A thinker and a bird_Lausanne gare

Fog and trees Cheseaux_Dec2017

Sit alone in the mainstation lausanne

walking through trash

you before us behind

Winterthur_Passing by straight arrow

Understand but not being understood

Ecris moi encore stp

Snowing softly walking smoothly

My Switzerland My Half je me suis dit un jour

Looking at ART

Looking at art_FOTOKUNST2018

The forest of cheseaux and the Bench

Et la musique chante

Algorythm of life_Cheseaux Forest fog

Perplexe perspective copy

The path edging horses fields and cheseaux

At her shoes, with her shoes and we

raconte moi qui tu es

Stairs and silhouette Embrach

The dead trees

We are being copy


Semi reflections


up to the commune

sunset and tree and field oberglatt rumlang high quality

We love to dress you langstrasse 2016

Train perspective rumlang

Sunset lausanne

Street geneva 2016

Winterthur night street

Irina in darkness-Recovered

run for life hb zurich irina s photo

Reflection of life

Own reflection Winterthur

elderly lugano hidden


Papa et Ale Cheseaux piscine

Man Zurich HB

Lausanne le flon building windows

Locarno by night two lights somewhere locarno

Irina hidden street 2016

Kiss on the street oerlikon


Kid alone black and white basel

train zurich passing by underground

Switzerland_My Other Half_LIghty path and naivety

Switzerland_My Other Half_Waiting they re coming

Switzerland_My Other Half_Hidden behind lovely selfie


Switzerland_My Other Half_Pushing trash

Switzerland_My Other Half_Hidden behind myself

Switzerland_My Other Half_Trinkgeld and inner smile

Switzerland_My Other Half_This is a tree but not only and copy

Switzerland_My Other Half_ I am jumping of happiness

Switzerland_My other Half_Where peace is met

Switzerland_My Other Half_A basler competition

Switzerland_My Other Half_Suspicious

Switzerland_My Other Half_Riding sit

Switzerland_my Other Half_Reading from left to right

Switzerland_My Other Half_Where all begins

Switzerland_My Other Half_In another place in the same world

Switzerland_My other half

between see and heart

Je ne peux pas m'expliquer

4rd of January 2017

Mirror reflections


Running too far

Switzerland_My other Half_Suspicious glance

Switzerland_my Other Half_We are both looking at the man

Switzerland_My Other Half_Selfie

Switzerland_my other Half_Obsering him thinking