Why Did I love New York_Introduction

WDILNY_Day 1_After the beginning I am watching

Why Did I love New York_Day 1_1Hs

WDILNY_Day 1_a bit later

WDILNY__Day 1_1st Hrs_West

WDILNY_the new world begins

WDILNY_Day 1_Powerful contrast

WDILNY_Day 1_Double Reflection


WDILNY_Day 1_Crowdy beauty

WDILNY_Day 1_Measuring

WDILNY_Day 1_Walker alone

WDILNY_Still unique

WDILNY_Day1_high impression

WDILNY_Day 1_bent to the altitude

WDILNY_Day 1_Smile

WDILNY_Still Day 1_Hypnotized I was

WDILNY_Day 1_Dancing

WDILNY_Day 1_Walking alone with the height of a burden

WDILNY_day1_Walking straight, working loud


WDILNY_Day 1_Smocky ground

WDILNY_Day 1_You were in my mind



WDILNY_Day 1_still MoMA

WDILNY_Day 1_Walking to the underground

WDILNY_Day 1_A mother and her child

WDILNY_Day 1_walking to the underground

WDILNY_Day 1_Walking to the underground, still

WDILNY_Day 1_Still walking

WDILNY_Day 1_soon to the underground

WDILNY_Day 1_What would you think_

WDILNY_Day 1_The end soon

WDILNY_end of day1

WDILNY_End of Day 1_underground

WDILNY_Day 2_Another red vision

WDILNY_Day 2_The start of a new day

WDILNY_Day 2_Going to Brooklyn

WDILNY_Day 2_Meeting eyes

WDILNY_Day 2_Start of art

WDILNY_Day 2_Passing by brooklin

WDILNY_Day 2_Looking at Brooklin

WDILNY_Day 2_toilet wall

WDILNY_Day 2_Observing Brooklyn

WDILNY_Day 2_Evolve

WDILNY_Day 2_Glances

WDILNY_Day 2_Walking by night_Brooklyn

WDILNY_Day 2_Manhattan from Brooklyn

WDILNY_Day 2_subway again

WDILNY_Day 2_Direction Time Square

WDILNY_Day 2_Time Square by night

WDILNY_Day 2_Again there but so different

WDILNY_Day 3_Around Little Italy

WDILNY_Day 3_Chinatown

WDILNY_Day 3_Lovewall

WDILNY_Day 3_white hihi

WDILNY_Day 3_working under control

WDILNY_Day 3_Chinatown

WDILNY_Day 3_he was cool

WDILNY_Day 3_still there alone

WDILNY_Day 3_Laundromat

WDILNY_Day 3_Late afternoon

WDILNY_Day 3_Our hypothesis on TIME

WDILNY_Day 2_By red night

WDILNY_Day 2_unforgettable

WDILNY_Day2_soon home

WDILNY_Day 2_Going back home

WDUKNY_The prelast photo of Day 2

WDILNY_Day 3_The last photo

WDILNY_at the beginning of Day4

WDILNY_A rich but Madison Av

WDILNY_Day 4_smoky vision 2

WDILNY_smoking alone_Day 4

WDILNY_Day 4_A bit later

WDILNY_Day 4_9

WDILNY_Day 4_10 minutes later

WDILNY_Day4_Calling elegantly a taxi

WDILNY_Day 4_a future market

WDILNY_Day 4_Inside the market

WDILNY_ At the mainstation_suite

WDINY_Day 4_reflection

WDILNY_Day 4_Before joining him

WDILNY_Day 4_looking hidden

WDILNY_Day 4_Looking at both sides

WDILNY_Day 4_fire from cold

WDILNY_Day 4_Local Time-03h08am

WDILNY_Day 5_Back and forth

WDILNY_Day 5_Trashes

WDILNY_Day 5_Antibiopposite

WDILNY_Looking from ground to top

WDILNY Day 5-Angled towers

WDILNY_Day 5_Being there

WDILNY_Day 5_The bridge

WDILNY_Day 5_The bridge is crowded

WDILNY_Day 5_Driving to Brooklyn

WDILNY_Day 5_from the bridge

WDILNY_Day 5_Brooklyn Bridge Sunset

WDILNY_Day 5_inside

WDILNY_Day 5_Inside Histories

WDILNY_The reflections of souls

WDILNY_I forgot which day_Memory and memories

WDILNY_At the border of liberty

WDILNY_Day 6_Laundry

WDILNY_Cinematographic school bus

WDILNY_Day 6_Interstice

WDILNY_Day 6_Head

WDILNY_Day 6_Going down one way bis

WDILNY_Day 6_Yellow

WDILNY_Day 6_walking to be lost

WDILNY_Day 6_One Way No WAY

WDILNY_Day 6_Why?

WDILNY_Day 6_red

WDILNY_Resting observing and thinking

WDILNY_Day 6_hide and seek

WDILNY_Day 6_lost in 1st AV

WDILNY_Day 6_earth eyes

WDILNY_Day 6_Walking dead

WDILNY_Not looking at my present

WDILNY_Day 6_going to sit

WDILNY_Day 6_Building up hope

WDILNY_Day 6_Blue

WDILNY_I wished to have been there

WDILNY_behind the curtains of Humanity

WDILNY_Day 6_Handsome made simple

WDILNY_Day 6_Barber shop West

WDILNY_Day 6_Man walking hidden west

WDILNY_Day 6_On the way

WDILNY_Day 6_Interrupted

WDILNY_Day 6_Love is the only way

WDILNY_Day 6_shields of game

WDILNY_Day 6_Let me grab your hand

WDILNY_Day 6_Pre and post

WDILNY_Day 6_He was smiling at me

WDILNY_Day 6_The eye

WDILNY_Day 6_looking at passing by

WDILNY_Day 6_Reflection

WDILNY_Day 6_Visiting art

WDILNY_Day 6_Walkers into darkness

WDILNY_Day 6_Passing lights

WDILNY_Day 7 moving away